Family members of 28-year-old Eleazar Padilla Jr. want justice for his death.

According to the Hidalgo County Sheriff TMs Department, Padilla died Nov. 14th after he was shot in the leg during a drug deal in Mission and makes the department TMs 15th murder victim this year.

Family members told Action 4 News they didn TMt know he was dealing drugs, instead they thought he did odd jobs to make ends meet.

Relatives requested anonymity for this story because the fear for their lives.

“I mean now there are alot of things said but what I was informed of, I mean he use to do painting jobs like that,” a relative said.

It wasn TMt until he ended up in the hospital in a coma did they learn what he was really doing.

On Nov. 2nd, Padilla was at a mechanic shop on Coyote Circle in Mission.

It was there that he was shot in the leg and beat up during a drug deal.

Right now our main goal is to find out who did that to him, a relative said.

Instead of rushing him to the hospital, family members said the owner of the shop dumped him at a relative TMs house.

He ended up at the hospital in a coma hours after he was shot.

Two weeks later, his family made the difficult decision to take him off life support.

He leaves behind a wife and five children.

Some of Padilla TMs family members feel Hidalgo County investigators are not taking the case seriously because of his involvement with illegal activity.

They are also concerned because no one is coming forward with information.

“If people know something they should just say something,” a relative said.

Action 4 News contacted Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Trevino.

He released this statement this afternoon:

The insularity and secrecy of drug dealing makes these types of cases difficult to solve. We at the Hidalgo County Sheriff TMs Office understand the frustration of the victim TMs family in the lack of investigative progress. Eleazar Padilla TMs Jr. role of a drug dealer makes no difference to our objective of solving the murder and bringing those responsible to justice.

Investigators are looking for a 2008 white Cobalt connected to the case and believe three men were involved in the shooting, one armed with an AK-47.

If you have any information on this case contact the Hidalgo County Sheriff TMs Department at (956) 668-8477.