According to his family, a San Benito man is hospitalized with serious injuries following an attack at a Berlin Christmas market Monday evening. The attack — which killed 12 and injured 48 — is being investigated as an act of terrorism. 

Richard Ramirez, 62, of San Benito moved to Germany about 10 years ago to live with his partner who is a native of the Western European country. 

Richard sustained major injuries, but his partner did not survive the attack, according to Richard’s brother Armando.

Armando told CBS 4 News that he received a call from the U.S. Embassy Wednesday morning informing him that his brother was one of the victims of the attack.

“They told me he was in the hospital in the ICU and they had done surgery and removed part of his colon and it messed up his ACL,” said Armando. 

Armando said he and his sister plan to travel to Germany with help from the Office for Victim Assistance to be with their brother.

“Everyone’s been praying for my brother and the other victims and all we can do is hang on to our faith and pray,” Armando said.