Families across the RGV continue to struggle without power

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Harlingen, Texas (KVEO) — As homes across Texas get their power restored, some feel left behind as they continue without electricity.

It’s now approaching day five for Amanda Diaz, isolated from the world.

“Monday 7 o’clock in the morning it shut off and has yet to come back on,” she said.

She is a mother of four and had to get creative to stay warm, while her family is isolated because of COVID-19.

“So, you put the bricks with the little candles with the ceramic pot,” she said. “That’s giving off a little bit of heat for my living room. That’s what I’m using. That’s what I’m doing right now,” said Diaz.

On Friday morning. ERCOT sent a tweet stating that they were no longer requesting power companies to conserve energy.

During the record-breaking cold weather, Diaz said she layered to keep warm.

“Two pairs of sweatpants, and two pairs of shorts and their onesies, beanies all the time because it keeps in the heat,” she said.

Diaz’s kids tested positive for COVID-19, and when she was going to take her kids to get retested for COVID-19, the cold closed the testing centers. Leaving her family to isolate to prevent spreading the virus.

“I feel like it’s just taken from them now. We pay our bills on time,” she said.

Diaz also told KVEO how upset she was to see on social media Republican State Senator Ted Cruz traveling to Texas.

“How are you going to abandon your people, how are you going to abandon your people,” she said.

Senator Cruz talked about the regret for his decision.

“I’m headed back to Texas, and back continuing to work to try to get the power on. What’s happening in Texas is unacceptable and a lot of Texans are hurting,” said Senator Cruz.

Diaz is one of many Texans outraged and feels that leaders have failed their communities, and she will remember this time when it’s time to vote.

“Thank you very much for showing us the lights because now, we know,” she said.

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