A group of faith leaders gathered at a local abortion clinic in favor of the practice, Wednesday morning.

Through song and prayer, a group brought light to Whole Women’s Health, a clinic in McAllen that performs abortions, in support of women’s reproductive rights.

“We do this to support the community, to tell women, to tell the world, that people of faith don’t all think the same way about abortion,” said Sonia Miller, with the Texas Freedom Network.

Miller says it’s important to educate the public about their rights in a time when lawmakers are the ones making the decisions for them.

“There are many people of faith and leaders that are 100 percent with women having their choice,” Miller added.

Reverend Cari Jackson wants to change the current rhetoric. She explains the group’s purpose is to show the public a different vision of faith, uphold reproductive health and advocate for reproductive rights.

Jackson believes this is something that needs to be addressed with the current legislation.

“It’s really important for Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice to be at the forefront, to say this is what religious freedom looks like. It honors all people and religious traditions,” said Jackson.

This is the first time this group has allowed the public to take part in the event here in the Valley.