Facebook group connects farmers to consumers due to limited meat purchases

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Harlingen, Texas (KVEO)—Less than a month ago Casey Brown, a South Texas resident, created a Facebook group page, Farmer to Consumer. Brown says he created the group in response to some retailers limiting meat purchases, as well as empty grocery shelves.

“Connect the consumer with the farmers, and let them know the stuff is still there. Let the farmers know we still need your product, and possibly people can get together, and create their own avenues to get connected.” 

Brown says that’s exactly what is happening.

“People have been talking back to each other. Hey I know this person, who has this. People are banning together. They are going together to get like one whole cow, and going to a processing plant. They are splitting the cost, so they are getting what they need, and it’s starting to really work.”  said Brown.

Beef Ranchers and group members, like Brad Jenschke, say with retailers selling beef at near historic highs ranchers are not seeing profits. Jenschke says he appreciated groups like Farmer to Consumer because they give buyers and sellers more options.

“Now your just skipping out so many people and you can get the product for less. Because its going through less hands, even the farmer can charge more than what he is use to giving it.” says Jenschke  

The group has more than a thousand followers not just from South Texas but all over the U.S. and the world. Brown says people from as far away as Australia and Africa have inquired.

Brown says you just post what you have, where you have it, or what you need and followers will respond.

“I want it to create a whole new link in the future moving forward, where people aren’t relying solely on grocery store.”   says Brown.

The group is available to everyone. If you would like to visit or join the group you can click here.

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