Experts recommend shipping early this holiday season

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HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Many went out to stores to score a deal on holiday gifts over the weekend and if you are planning on shipping those gifts on time for Christmas, it is important to get a head start this year.

The owner of The Print Pack Ship Store in Harlingen, Erik Martinez, said it is important for him to set realistic expectations with his customers.

“If it’s a two-to-three-day time period when you send a package off, we always add a day or two, just to be on the safe side,” said Martinez.

He said the pandemic has caused delays in shipping and with the added increase of deliveries during the holidays shipping may take longer.

“We do tell our customers ahead of time whether it’s something like this pandemic that happened,” he said.

Martinez said his store works with multiple carriers such as USPS, FedEx, Lone Star Overnight, and DHL and offers packaging materials and other services.

He explained that with prices going up on items across the nation, shipping and packaging costs also increased.

“The shipping side, changed a little bit whether it was FedEx, USPS, Lone Star Overnight, DHL, and so on. It wasn’t too much of a difference, but customers were like ‘you know what, I have to get it done.’” said Martinez.

He said he stays in communication with carriers to provide updates to customers and to ensure they know what to expect for the holidays.

“Supervisors usually call us whether it’s FedEx or USPS letting us know if there are delays in between certain weeks during December,” he said.

Delays in the shipping industry can also be caused by the weather especially during the winter season, according to Martinez.

Martinez said it is best to start shipping items now to ensure your packages reach their destination on time.

“The cutoff date is the 18th of December.  Anything after that it would have to be maybe one day, two days, or three days after the 18th, but as long as you’re here before the 18th, their packages should be getting there,” said Martinez.

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