Experts Give Advice on Pet Care During Winter Weather

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A cold front is fast approaching the Rio Grande Valley. Don’t forget to bring your pets inside.

Brownsville Animal Control Supervisor Robert Dippong says, “If it’s too cold for you, it’s too cold for them.”

Dippong wants to remind you that state law requires you bring all animals inside once we hit freezing temperatures. But 40 or even 50 degrees out there is cold enough for concern.

Robbert Dippong, “You know boots and they have little sweaters and stuff like that, it’s all perfectly fine just to keep them a little bit extra warm but you know you don’t want to leave him out there anything longer than 5, 10, 15, minutes.”

But if you must, and it is still above freezing temperatures, make sure your dog is not chained up to a tree with no cover over his head.

Robert Dippong, “If for some reason they can’t bring the animal inside or within a garage or something, it’s very important that they make sure that the animal has a dog house and if they can position the doghouse where it’s not facing the north winds so that he can get inside the dog house and actually block from the wind, that would help a lot.”

If you leave your pet unprotected, there will be consequences. Citations that can range anywhere from $100 – $500 each. And you may even have to say goodbye to your animal temporarily.

Robert Dippong, “We’re going to confiscate the animal for their safety and bring them to the animal shelter where they can at least get out of the weather until the owner can purchase a dog house or build them something.”

Other tips to help your pet include, not cutting their hair and feeding them a little extra for them to pack up some fat that can help during the cold weather.

If you suspect a neighbor may be neglecting their animal, you can call animal control anonymously at 956-574-6729.

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