Experts explain reasoning behind early holiday decorations and sales

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BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Christmas decorations and holiday retail promotions are a lot earlier this year and according to experts there are several reasons for this.

Senior marketing director for CBL Properties – Sunrise Mall, Susie Torres, explained that current global supply chain issues are causing retailers to order ahead of time and start selling due to the issues.

“Many of our stores have already started with their holiday promotions, offers, Black Friday, you’ll see inventory and decorations for a number of reasons, it’s twofold,” said Torres.

During the pandemic last year, holidays were celebrated differently for many and Torres said retailers and shoppers are anxious to get back out.

“Another thing is the eagerness for our retailers to come back and capitalize on pre-pandemic levels of shopping. They’re coming back excited, they’re eager,” she said.

Torres said the International Council of Shopping Centers has projected an increase of 8.9% for the holidays this year.

Psychotherapist of Vida Therapy and Wellness, Dr. Elizabeth Cortez, said retailers are strategic when it comes to influencing shoppers.

“Stores like Target and Wal-Mart actually hire psychologists,” said Cortez.

She explained that the hired psychologist will provide guidance on displaying merchandise and how to advertise to shoppers.

“The mind is very powerful, anything we see just plants a little seed in our head so if we see Christmas decorations, we get excited and we want to decorate our homes earlier and buy things earlier too,” she said. 

Celebrating earlier can allow people to experience the holidays longer and bring joy to some, but according to Dr. Cortez, it can also bring stress.

“Just like anything, it has pros and cons. The anxious thoughts and stressful thoughts of “what if they sell out?” she said.

Dr. Cortez said it is normal to feel eager to celebrate and shop earlier because last year was not a traditional holiday for many people.

 “We have been deprived of celebrating this past year and I think we are all ready to celebrate, it’s a little safer this year, so I think we’re all just ready to celebrate Christmas because we didn’t last year,” she said.

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