Experts explain how to avoid alcohol relapses around the holidays

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HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The holidays usually include gatherings with food and alcohol but it could create a tough setting for those who struggle with alcohol abuse. Several local sobriety experts explain how people can handle alcohol temptations around the holidays.

The holiday season can create challenges for those trying to stay alcohol-free, addiction counselor and owner of New Wine Counseling Nicolas Torrez told ValleyCentral how people need to have a plan if they find themselves in a situation that has heavy drinking around. 

“Maybe show up early and then leave early but if you can avoid it all completely and go to a sober activity maybe that would be the best idea,” said Torrez.

Torrez said he has been sober for over a decade and understands the importance of wanting to spend time with family over the holidays. One of the best ways to remain on track is to be open and honest with them. 

“I would speak to the family if I was new in my recovery. I would speak to the family. That’s what I did when I first got sober,” said Torrez. 

Cindy Campos, a licensed chemical dependency counselor at the Behavioral Health Solutions of South Texas, said the support of family for those in recovery can be critical 

“So families provide support, always the main one can be that emotional support so talk to them ask them how you are feeling, how are you doing,” said Campos. 

Torrez said if people do relapse, they shouldn’t call it quits or give up, they should pick up the phone and call for someone to help them. 

“You have a greater chance of recovery if you deal with it before it happens or right after it happens.” Torrez goes on to say, “call your sponsor if you can, if not you want to call someone like me.”

Campos said the Behavioral Health Solutions of South Texas is ready to help those who are either in recovery or beginners in need of recovery. 

“We do have recovery support services for individuals who are in recovery and want to be in recovery so they can always reach out,” said Campos. 

Individuals interested in reaching the Behavioral Health Solutions of South Texas can call the following number, 956- 787-7111.

Also available for counseling services, Nicholas Torrez of New Wine Counseling can be reached at 956-685-1202.

Additionally, Torrez said it’s best to remember recovery doesn’t have to include relapse and relapse is preventable with a phone call.

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