HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — As summer temperatures set in, many are setting thermostats lower but a local air conditioning company is ensuring maintenance is kept top of mind.

“Out of sight out of mind,” said Juan Manuel Salazar, president and CEO of George Cunningham Company, Juan Manuel Salazar. “Air conditioning system is just supposed to work, and we take that for granted. A lot of times what we see is the lack of maintenance causing some issues.”

Salazar explained that not keeping up with maintenance, such as changing air filters, could lead to issues.

“Clogged drain lines, poor efficiencies, high energy bills, things like that,” he said.

Salazar said poor maintenance could also cause serious damage to property such as fires.

In addition to avoiding damage, he explained there are ways you can save on energy bills.

“Raising the temperature on your thermostat at least one or two degrees,” he said. “Typically, most people like at about 73 to 74 degrees. If you can raise it to about 75 to 76, the savings on that are quite dramatic.”

The CEO recommended ensuring that windows are doors are properly sealed and stressed the importance of having a licensed technician perform a yearly inspection.

“Typical lifespan of an HVAC system is roughly around 12 to 15 years here in the Valley,” he said. “Of course, that being said, it has to be maintained in order to get that longevity.”

Not maintaining an HVAC system could cost about six years of its lifespan, according to Salazar.

He explained that recent supply chain issues and rising prices could lead to higher costs for customers.

“Across the board prices have been jumping,” Salazar said. “In some areas, in the HVAC industry, we’ve had prices and parts going up about 80%.”

In order to avoid inventory issues, he said they are preordering triple the amount of inventory and expanding their vendor list.

“The end-user is going to see an increase, with EPA regulations that are changing ever so often, differences in refrigerant, differences in efficiencies,” Salazar said.

He said they are anticipating changes in the market this December, which will cause another hike in costs.