PORT ISABEL, Texas (ValleyCentral) — A woman that saw the missing baby boy in Port Isabel alive, spoke to CBS4’s Derick Garcia in an exclusive interview and provided a photo taken minutes after he was born.

The photo of the baby, named Michael de la Rosa, was sent to a former employer and close friend, Cathy Laferty, by the child’s father Zachary de la Rosa.

Baby Michael was born on March 8 to parents de la Rosa and Susanne Pierce according to Cameron County Constable. On March 9, the child died and it remains unclear how.

The parents admitted their baby died but what followed is a mystery investigators are trying to answer without cooperation from the parents.

De la Rosa is charged with injury to a child and Pierce is charged with abuse of a corpse.

(Source: Cameron County Constable Precinct 1)

Pierce told investigators she took her deceased child to several locations in Port Isabel and, at some point after, falling asleep near the old causeway where the child disappeared. Search teams are using drones, cadaver dogs and boats to look for the remains of baby Michael.

Speaking exclusively with ValleyCentral, Cathy Laferty shared the photo and the panic when Pierce’s water broke.

“And her water just broke and there’s blood in it, and I don’t know what to do,” Laferty said. “And I said ‘call 911’.”

Five hours later, baby Michael was born and a photo was sent to Laferty. Later that day, Laferty and her husband would visit the newborn and parents, bringing with them baby clothes and essentials.

According to Laferty and arrest reports, the child was moving and being breastfed by Pierce. This is the last, and only time, baby Michael was seen alive.

The meet-up and the panicked conversation was short. de la Rosa would later reflect on with investigators more than a week later in regret.

“The next day I wrote her a text and said, ‘Hey, some things to think about is what’s the baby’s coloring like? Is the baby yellow? Is the baby blue?’ You know, things you need to check on. And she didn’t answer me back,” Laferty said.

What followed next is unclear to Cameron County Constables and Texas Rangers. Investigators suspect a crime was done to baby Michael.

Laferty, however, has a different theory.

“There’s nothing evil about either of them there. This is not them. And they are making the wrong choice by not cooperating, but they’re not cooperating because they’re scared,” she said.

Laferty insinuates the couple is fearful of Child Protective Services because a child from a previous relationship had been removed from their custody. Details of a previous child’s situation have not been verified by ValleyCentral.

“They’re so afraid of law enforcement and children’s services that they haven’t done the right thing and tell them everything,” she said. “And the Texas Ranger said this could all go away if they just tell us where the baby is so that we can do an autopsy and make sure the baby died of natural causes. And I have no doubt the baby died of natural causes.”

Authorities continue searching for the body of baby Michael.