Border Patrol agents are reporting a large number of assaults for the fiscal year, which hasn’t even ended yet. 

“Since the beginning of the year, more and more of our agents are getting assaulted,” said Chris Cabrera, a Border Patrol agent and the Vice President for the Local 3307 National Border Patrol Council. 

Over 600 assaults on Border Patrol agents have been recorded since the start of the fiscal year, according to Border Patrol Chief Carla Provost. 

“It’s unacceptable,” said Provost.

CBS 4 Valley confirmed that number with Customs and Border Protection and according to their data, that number is on track to previous years. 

CBP reported 794 assaults on CBP law enforcement during Fiscal Year 2018. 

 Fiscal Year 2017 has 844 assaults reported. 

“We do see a lot of it, our guys get assaulted quite a bit, from punching them, a full on fist fight, pushing on them, spitting on them, it happens quite a bit,” said Cabrera. ‘It’s something we train for, we continue to train for, we’re always training for something like that, so we can go home to our families at the end of the night.”

Cabrera remembers a time a fellow agent was assaulted by two men trying to get away from being detained. 

“They actually fought for eight minutes and luckily the big guy ran away, but it took eight minutes for someone to get out there and help. Luckily, the agent was in tip-top shape and was able to hold him down until help arrived,” said Cabrera. 

The most recent assault was a few days ago in Mission, Texas when a Border Patrol agent was trying to arrest a man from Mexico who resisted, punched and scratched the agent. 

Border Patrol tells CBS 4 that case has been referred for prosecution. 

“The United States Border Patrol takes every assault on agents seriously and works with law enforcement partners to pursue prosecution,” said a spokesman for the agency. 

Not even a month ago, agents patrolling the Rio Grande on the Marine Riverine Unit were shot at over 50 times. 

Their boat was hit multiple times, according to CBP. 

“One thing I do want to make perfectly clear, as a law enforcement community here in the Rio Grande Valley, we have absolutely zero tolerance for this kind of activity against law enforcement,” said Deputy Chief for the Rio Grande Valley Sector, Austin Skero. 

No one was ever charged with that shooting. 

But it isn’t just local RGV agents experiencing assaults. 

A video released by agents in Yuma, Arizona showed a man shooting several times toward a border wall. He was never caught, according to CBP. 

“A truck arrived from Mexico and picked up all five subjects. The individuals crossed back into Mexico and drove away on a nearby Mexican highway before agents could respond,” said a spokesperson for the agency. 

A final number for the assaults on CBP law enforcement during Fiscal Year 2019 are expected to be released early next month.