HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — House Bill 1927 goes into effect September 1, 2021 allowing Texans to carry a firearm without a permit into some places.

With this bill passing, some local license to carry permitting businesses are making some adjustments to their operations.

“I first thought about all of the businesses such as my fathers that they are probably not going to be as beneficial,” said Amanda Cantu, daughter of the late Clemente Cantu, who was the owner of Cantu’s License to Carry.

Cantu explained that she is concerned that if people are not going to get an actual permit or be educated on proper gun handling it could cause more gun accidents.

She said people may not know where they can legally carry a gun or how to use one.

Cantu is considering continuing her father’s legacy by becoming a certified instructor.

“I want to at least provide free education to people on how to properly handle a handgun and just the laws in general,” said Cantu.

Owner and operator of RGV LTC in McAllen, Roy Balli, recently returned from Austin where he was getting recertified as a license to carry instructor.

“I’ve always done legal seminars and hands-on training for firearms and firearms safety, and that recently has an uptick and I’m confident that it’s going to keep going up with the more curiosity people have with new gun ownership,” said Cantu.

Balli says with the change in the laws, there will be new information to learn and interpret, coming the first of September.

He plans to continue with his business, but shift his business model and adjust his curriculum to reflect the new changes.