An Encino, TX resident says she lives in fear every day. She sees hundreds of undocumented immigrants attempting to enter her property, adding she feels threatened by criminal organizations surrounding the area.

“12 young men dressed in black. My husband automatically stopped and they just put a finger to their lips and it’s like… You better not say anything, they know what we drive, they know where we live.”

“Soila”, who did not want to show her face for security reasons, says County Road 304 in Encino, which is only 7 miles away from the Falfurrias checkpoint is used by cartel members to smuggle drugs and people.

“There was a young man, he kept telling him [husband] to stop right at the gate, he kept coming. My husband clocked the gun and right on his left-hand side, 12-15 more people pop out, they were trying to get in towards the house.”

“Soila” adds she constantly lives in danger and does not live a peaceful life anymore.

“We no longer can go out without a gun, you can’t go for a walk. My neighbor and his daughter were chased by men with masks. She was riding her wheeler down 281, they saw her they jumped the fence and started chasing her.”

She says hundreds of immigrants walk down her street after being told by human smugglers that Houston is just up the street, without knowing that this is just a dead end.

“Huge groups and we’re not talking 10 or 15, we’re talking about 40, 70 and the last few months it’s getting worse. They really need to go after the coyotes. We have seen so many abandoned families, women with children just left out there. These people are not educated, they don’t know east or west they don’t know where the sunrises and sets, you ask them ‘Have you ever seen a map of Texas?’ They don’t even know how big Texas is.”

“Soila” adds a wall is needed to protect U.S. Citizens.

“Whoever tells you there is no danger out here and we don’t need the wall, they have no idea what they’re talking about. They don’t care as long as the businesses keep thriving in McAllen or Brownsville.”

She says everyone in her neighborhood is terrified when they call on the Border Patrol due to threats they receive by drug smugglers.