HARLINGEN, Texas (Valleycentral) — Each year, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports an estimate of 4,000 drownings across the United States. 

As the summer heat approaches, Rene Perez, Director of Patient Transport Services for South Texas Emergency Care Foundation wants to remind everyone about water safety. 

Perez said supervision is key in any body of water because drowning can take place in just a matter of seconds. 

While most drownings take place in a body of water, Perez said they can also occur afterward due to inhaling an excessive amount of water.

Perez said everyone should be aware of the following dry-drowning symptoms:

  • Change of skin color, bluish skin
  • high fever
  • cough/shortness of breath

If those symptoms are present, Perez encourages parents and/or caregivers to call 911 immediately. 

“Those are symptoms that something is going on,” said Perez. 

Perez also encourages parents and caregivers to take first aid and CPR training.

“CPR training is really important because it’s the couple of minutes that those folks need before the ambulance or the first responders arrive on scene,” said Perez.