AARP has announced the awardees for its 2018 AARP Community Challenge grant program, including the City of Elsa Economic Development Corporation. The nonprofit organization is devoted to improving residents’ quality of life by seeking solutions to the social-economic conditions face daily. 

The city EDC plans to use the grant to install four Valley Metro bus shelters along a one-mile stretch of State Highway 107, increasing the accessibility of local public transit options. 

“Bus shelters provide riders protection from the elements—and give people of all ages the freedom to get there from here,” said Bob Jackson, director of AARP Texas.

AARP is distributing a total of $1.3 million to 129 “quick action” projects across the country, helping communities make immediate improvements and jumpstart long-term progress to support residents of all ages. Nearly 1,600 applications were received from nonprofits and government entities for the program, which is now in its second year. Each of the projects, which must be completed by November 5, is designed to achieve one or more of the following outcomes:

  • Deliver a range of transportation and mobility options that increase connectivity, walkability, bikeability, and/or access to public and private transit.
  • Create vibrant public places that improve open spaces, parks and access to other amenities.
  • Support the availability of a range of housing that increases accessible and affordable housing options.
  • Address other issues of importance for communities. 

The full list of grantees can be found at

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