BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — House Bill 1927 is officially in effect across Texas. It allows some people to carry firearms without a license to carry permit.

Brownsville Police Department Public Information Officer, Martin Sandoval, said with this law in effect, it is important for the community to know the gun laws if they choose to carry a firearm.

Although the new law is in effect, there are still certain restrictions in place, according to Officer Sandoval.

“Churches is one place you cannot carry a firearm, also schools, school events, no school activities or no athletic activities are you’re allowed to carry firearms,” said Sandoval.

He said businesses also have the right to refuse service if someone is armed and can ask a person to leave the establishment.

Officer Sandoval explained, the new bill allows people 21 years of age and older to carry, and they must not have a conviction of a Class A or B misdemeanor within the last five years.

He said a person cannot have a felony or adjudicated felony within the last 10 years or be convicted of domestic violence or have a protective order against them.

Although the new law does not require a permit to carry a firearm, Officer Sandoval said there are still benefits of having a permit.

He said there is an estimate of 45 other states in the country that will honor a Texas license to carry permit, and having the permit will help avoid any trouble in those states.

Taking a permitting class also provides training on shooting, carrying, and the laws, according to Officer Sandoval.

“We’re asking them to take some training, understand your weapon before you decide to carry it,” said Officer Sandoval.

He said it is important to train with an experienced shooter and get to know which firearm works best for you if you decide to carry a firearm.

Officer Sandoval explained if anyone has a concern about someone with a firearm, they can call the police department and they will investigate.

The Brownsville Police Department has more information on their Facebook page and will continue to add information regarding House Bill 1927 to keep the community informed, according to Officer Sandoval.