EDINBURG, Texas (KVEO) — An Edinburg animal rescue says they received a cat that was sodomized, shot, and severely injured and have been alerted by followers that other cats in the area have suffered the same fate.

According to Murphy’s Safe Haven, an animal rescue service in Edinburg, animal control workers brought the cat to the Palm Valley Animal Society on Sunday. Murphy’s authorities rushed to pick up the cat when they learned of his condition.

At first glance, the professionals knew the cat, later named Kismet, was in rough shape as he had an “extremely enlarged anus,” apparent gunshot wounds on his abdomen, holes in his ears from stab wounds, and had his papillae scraped off.

Kismet was found with several injuries
(source: Murphy’s Safe Haven)

Kismet was quickly rushed into veterinarian care where he was treated for his wounds and given antibiotics.

The animal rescue alerted the Edinburg Police Department about the incident and an investigation is currently being conducted by the department. Anyone with information on this case can contact (956) 383-8477.

Murphy’s workers noted that Kismet has been slowly recovering since being taken in and do not expect any permanent damage to his rectum from the sodomy, however, he may suffer permanent damage to his stomach area due to the bullet wounds.

The rescue also stated that followers have alerted them that other cats have been sodomized and shot in the Edinburg area. According to Murphy’s workers, Palm Valley Animal Society did not tell the animal rescue where Kismet was found.

Kismet’s story received a large amount of attention from the public on Murphy’s Save Haven’s social media. The rescue said that hundreds of applicants have come forward to adopt the cat, however, they are holding on to him until his condition improves and are not taking applications for him at this time.

Murphy’s Safe Haven specialize in special needs and cats that need critical medical care.

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