Edinburg resident’s home falls apart due to sitting rain water

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EDINBURG, Texas (ValleyCentral) — An Edinburg resident said fears the worst every time rain is expected to fall because she said her house’s foundation is starting to crumble.

“I built a ditch for the reason, as you can see it’s bare. There’s no grass here because a lot of water sits here,” said Maria Salinas, a resident at the Sandstone neighborhood in Edinburg.

Salinas stood next to a small self-made canal that leads from the fence shared by her and the neighboring business, Santa Cruz Properties, to the front of her house. However, that canal has not been working and her home is suffering.

“The brick already is broken down to the bottom of the foundation and inside also you can also see the broken walls,” said Salinas. “It’s getting very scary every time it rains.”

Though Salinas said she has sent the owner of the property a letter, she said she has not received any response. The same goes for city officials, according to Salinas, she has reached out to the mayor, the city manager and has spoken to city engineers.

“Trying to reach out to the city, trying to reach out to the owner, not only for myself but for the other houses,” said Salinas. “It’s like we don’t have a voice, it feels horrible.”

In July, Salinas did speak with Edinburg City Manager Ron Garza but has not received an update since.

ValleyCentral reached out to Garza who was able to give Salinas an update on Wednesday.

Garza said they have made contact with the business owner to figure out a plan.

“Generally these cases, cities can’t do anything because this is a private commercial business and a private residence, but we do know this commercial landowner,” said Garza.

Now, Garza said they have permission to survey the property to find a solution.

“After talking to him, he was more than open to partnering with and we were able to come to a resolution between the city and him,” said Garza.

Salinas said she feels hopeful knowing there could be some progress to save her home.

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