EDINBURG, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Law enforcement officials with the Edinburg Police Department were sworn in and promoted Wednesday afternoon.

Four new officers were sworn into the Edinburg Police Department and five others, including lieutenants and sergeants, were promoted.

The swear-in pinning graduation took place at Edinburg City Hall.

During the swearing-in ceremony, officers receive their badge where one of their family members or a loved one pinned the badge on their uniform.

Training police officers are required to attend an orientation or academy before being sworn in by a police department.

“When we pin a new officer, this is a new hire, somebody that’s just joining the police department,” Jaime Ayala, Edinburg Police Chief said. “Once they get pinned, they’ll start the field training process.”

Newly sworn-in officers will spend 14 weeks in the field with a training officer to use learned techniques from orientation and academy, applying it in the field.

“They are taking what we taught them in the orientation and what they learned in the academy and are applying it in the field,” Ayala said. “All the de-escalation techniques and the different techniques that they learned in the academy and in training and making sure that they’re doing it correctly in the field.”