EDINBURG, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Edinburg police are investigating an alleged threat by a student that was typed into a school owned laptop Thursday afternoon.

This is the second threat made at a school campus in Edinburg this week.

At about 2:59 p.m., Edinburg Police Department officers responded to a call for service at Vanguard Academy located on 2215 S. Veterans Blvd after a 14-year-old student typed threats towards other students and stated the student was going to ‘shoot up the school’, according to a statement from the Edinburg Police Department, via Roxanne Lerma, a spokesperson for the city.

Police stated the document included “vulgar comments” and a “second violent scheme”.

“School administrators then contacted the student’s parents who subsequently took custody of the student,” police said.

School faculty then contacted authorities who immediately investigated the matter through the Juvenile Investigations Division.

The school released a statement Friday morning addressing the threat. The release stated no student, teacher or staff member was in immediate danger.

“The Edinburg PD School Resource Officer stationed at the campus was immediately informed of the potential threat that the school’s software alerted us through a computer, and a welfare check was conducted at a home,” the release stated.

The student was admitted to a mental health facility for further evaluation.

No immediate threat exists, police said.