EDINBURG, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Edinburg Police Department is launching a new initiative for residents to get informed on offenses and statistics in their area. 

Citizens can now access police information they may need at the click of a button with a new online software named Citizen Connect. 

The software allows residents to see police activity in the city and even in designated search areas in as fast as 15 minutes.

“It gives the ability to the community to have information for decision making. You can even set up alerts, so once the officer is done on a call, every 15 minutes it’ll upload,” Chief Police Jaime Ayala said. “If you want an alert that’s the only time you have to provide an email address, you can get that alert on the area you want to know about.” 

The free online software launched this week and is available for residents looking for information. 

“If they see police in the area they’ll be able to know what happened, there’s always that question and this allows them to research it on their own and if need be, reach out to us for more information about it,” Ayala said.

Ayala tells CBS 4 he hopes this allows for better community policing within Edinburg.

“I encourage everyone to get involved, if you want to be involved,” Ayala said. “We want a partnership with our community. If you want to start a community watch group, we can engage and get that started.”

The software can be accessed on the City of Edinburg website.

Edinburg is the first police department in the Valley to use Citizen Connect.