UPDATE: This story has been updated with new information to reflect public records.

HIDALGO COUNTY, Texas (ValleyCentral) — A doctor that has served the community for 29 years will serve through a pre-trial diversion program in relation to three sexual assault charges he was accused of.

On Tuesday, Eugenio Gerardo Galindo, 63, appeared in Hidalgo County court and received a sentence to a pretrial diversion program for two counts of sexual assault and one count of attempted sexual assault.

The agreement between Galindo and prosecutors waives his right to a trial while placing him on a pre-trial intervention program, which effectively places certain offenders on probation without a trial or sentencing hearing. Hidalgo County public records list a punishment of a one-year probation sentence for each charge, however, it’s unclear if this will run concurrently or consecutively.

The Department of Justice’s definition of the pre-trial intervention program states this decision is done to prevent future criminal activity by the offender and to save resources for “concentration on major cases.” Anyone who completes the program may have their charges ultimately dismissed.

As of Thursday at 11 a.m., Hidalgo County public records listed Galindo as pleading guilty to the charges and ValleyCentral saved these documents. However, the case against Galindo, CR-0983-19-C, was wiped from public records later in the day. ValleyCentral contacted the 139th District Court in Hidalgo County for clarification, which stated the guilty plea was placed in error and Galindo has not entered a plea in the case. No explanation was given for why the case was removed from public records.

Galindo was arrested by Edinburg police in December 2018 for the three aforementioned charges. He was given a $20 thousand bond for his charges, which he posted on the same day. Galindo initially pleaded not guilty when he was later indicted in court.

After his arrest, the Texas Medical Board chose to restrict Galindo’s medical practice by prohibiting him from diagnosing, examining, or treating female patients or providing any consultation for the treatment of any female patient. Galindo is an oncologist that serves the Edinburg and McAllen areas. He has been a licensed physician since August 1992.

Galindo sued the Texas Medical Board in federal court to overturn this decision but the case was dismissed within two months.

Jury trials were scheduled in Galindo’s case multiple times between February 2020 and December 2021 but each attempt was canceled.

Before and during the course of Galindo’s court proceedings, he faced three lawsuits from women claiming he also sexually assaulted them.

The first of these lawsuits came in September 2018 from a woman who says Galindo sexually assaulted her while she was being treated by him for cancer. This lawsuit has had no motions or hearings set since April 2021.

A second lawsuit was brought against Galindo by a woman who says the doctor sexually assaulted her while she worked at a local home health agency. This case is set for trial in August.

The third lawsuit came from a woman who says Galindo sexually assaulted her while she worked for a medical research company. No hearings or motions have been filed in this case since June 2021.

It’s unclear if the Texas Medical Board will take any further action against Galindo after this action. The agency’s website still lists his license as active.