Edinburg mayoral challengers hope to bring experience to progress city

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EDINBURG, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The three-man race for the Edinburg mayor position is one of the RGV’s most-watched contests in the Rio Grande Valley for the November 2021 elections.

With Edinburg hovering around 100 thousand residents and featuring an incumbent mayor facing a felony indictment for illegal voting, the two challengers to the position hope they can lead the city into a prosperous future.

Gilbert Enriquez and Ramiro Garza, Jr. are both hoping they’ve garnered enough votes through their respective campaigns to overtake the position from incumbent mayor Richard Molina.

Enriquez formerly served on the Edinburg city council and as the city’s mayor pro-tem. Then and now, he has advocated for lower taxes and a plan to strengthen Edinburg’s drainage and infrastructure.

“I’ve been working in the construction experience for 25 years and I’m an accountant,” said Enriquez. “So I’m able to understand budgets and the city’s infrastructure needs.”

Garza, meanwhile, previously was Edinburg’s city manager and the director of the economic development corporation.

“Having served the roles that I have I feel I’m the most qualified person to do the job [of mayor],” said Garza. “I bring integrity and ethic values that a leader should have.”

Some of Garza’s main tasks he hopes to implement as mayor are establishing a code of ethics for elected officials, investing in Edinburg’s infrastructure, and improving the quality of life in the city.

Both candidates are focused on the future of Edinburg and see these next few years as a pivotal moment in the city’s development.

“This election is pivotal,” said Enriquez. “If we don’t elect the right mayor it could be detrimental.”

“I’m looking to put together a 2040 plan with our residents,” said Garza. “This plan will help guide us into the future.”

Neither candidate spoke much about the felony indictment levied on Molina, but agreed it’s important to have a leader with transparency that is an ethical mayor.

Residents will decide who they want to be mayor of Edinburg on Tuesday.

ValleyCentral reached out to Richard Molina for comment on this story but no response was given.

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