EDINBURG, Texas (KVEO)—Edinburg Mayor Richard Molina announced he is seeking reelection.

In a news release issued Thursday morning, Molina announced he is running in the November elections, stating he has kept promises he had made to voters.

Molina stated he has focused on the city’s infrastructure, invested millions in road improvements, improved lighting, upgraded parks and build new, inclusive ones.

“We’ve achieved too much to stop the progress now,” said the news release. “I’m not resting on what we’ve accomplished because we aren’t done yet.”

Molina added that the city is currently tackling drainage issues and “making sure our local businesses have the support they need to succeed.”

Mayor Molina in court (Source: CBS 4, FILE photo)

In April 2019 Molina was arrested for voter fraud. There was a string of arrests the state’s election fraud unit made in connection with what Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton described as “an organized illegal voting scheme” in the November 2017 municipal election.

According to a news release issued in 2017 by the attorney general’s office, Molina directed voters to change their addresses to places where they did not live.

Molina won the 2017 election by 1,240 votes, unseating incumbent Mayor Richard Garcia.

Richard and Dalia Molina in court when they turned themselves in. (Source: File Photo)

Molina and his wife, Dalia, turned themselves in and he received a cash bond for three illegal voting charges.

Public records show Molina was indicted on 11 counts of illegal voting and one count of engaging in organized election fraud.

The court previously scheduled Molina’s jury trial for June 1, 2020, but the pandemic led a delay.

KVEO spoke to Hidalgo County District attorney Ricardo Rodriguez that says many cases are still pending and are waiting trial.

“We are waiting to proceed, the court just started to open up again, and will have a date set in the near future,” said Rodriguez.

There is currently no new date for the trial, according to public records.