EDINBURG, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The Edinburg Crime Stoppers is warning the public about a new debit card scam threatening consumers in the Rio Grande Valley.

According to the Edinburg Crime Stoppers, the new scam consists of a call with the caller ID of a bank. If the call is answered, a person impersonating a bank representative states they are calling from the fraud department and ask to verify the last four numbers of your debit card.

The alleged representative then asks if you have been traveling and states there are suspicious charges coming from out-of-state stores, police said.

If the call continues, the fake representative will offer to send a new card to your address, send a verification code via text message, and ask for your account pin number, Edinburg Crime Stoppers stated in the post.

Banks would not ask for your account PIN number, Edinburg Crime Stoppers stated.

The number that the scammers are calling from might mimic a bank’s number or even be identical to the number on back of your credit or debit card, but Edinburg Crime Stoppers warn the public to be aware, hang up and not fall for the scam.

If you suspect a scam, be aware of the phone number, do not provide personal information or a pin number, and report the scam to the bank and authorities, police said.