EDINBURG, Texas (KVEO) — In a city council meeting last week, Edinburg Mayor Richard Molina read a proclamation from the Holy Family Pro-Life Apostolate asking to make Edinburg a sanctuary city for the unborn.

Molina also agreed with the pro life group’s desire to ban abortion in the city.

“I want you to know that as the Mayor – and I’m only one vote, we vote as a team – you do have my commitment that you will get this done,” said Molina.

All three members of Edinburg City Council agreed with Mayor Molina’s desire to make Edinburg the first sanctuary city for the unborn in the Rio Grande Valley.

“I support you 100% and God bless you all,” said Jorge Salinas, Mayor Pro-Tem.

“The council and the Mayor, our job is also to pray for those children and also for the families, that the Lord continues to give us the strength to battle for those kids that cannot speak for themselves,” said Councilmember Johnny Garcia.

David White, the third council member, said he was “100% behind it.”

Currently, there is no motion to make Edinburg a sanctuary city, but Councilmember David White said that he would like to do so.

“There’s really not a lot we can really say but we’ve got to push forward to it, Mayor, and if we could second it now I’d be happy to do it but we have to go through the proper process,” he said.

The decision of Roe v. Wade makes abortion a constitutional right in the United States. Because of that, outright banning abortion would violate federal law.

Around 30 other cities in the United States have declared themselves sanctuary cities for the unborn, but several of them have already faced lawsuits.

“If you have a city ordinance that is going to cross beams with that, there is going to be issues in court,” said Rick Barrera, a Harlingen attorney.

Barrera said Edinburg could potentially face lawsuits as well for restricting abortion. He said this is an opportunity for citizens to become more civically engaged.

“To show up and let their legislators know their feelings on these things,” he said.