Edinburg CISD police launches campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of vaping

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The Edinburg CISD Police Department presents its Dangers of Vaping Awareness campaign to students at Vela High School. (Source: Edinburg CISD) 

The Edinburg Consolidated Independent School District Police Department launched its Dangers of Vaping Awareness campaign.

Edinburg CISD Police Chief Ricardo Perez Jr. said he hopes the launch of this campaign will send a strong message to students about the dangers of vaping.

“The last thing you want is to be sick with illness in your lungs or something that can affect your mind,” he said. “That’s the message that we want to send out. That’s there’s consequences not only legally, but physically and mentally.”

According to a release, the ECISD police has recovered over 116 items and devices.

Perez said that his officers have done a good job of identifying and recovering these vaping devices.

“Some of them look like little USBs. Some of them look like pens with clear glass and you can see the oils that are inside,” he added in the release.

The ECISD Police Department said they use a test kit to test for THC, which is approved by the government.

“If they are adults, then they are going to be charged with a felony. And if they are juveniles, they are going to be charged with a Class A misdemeanor.”

In December, the police department is scheduled to take the campaign to other high schools and middle schools, said the release.

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