Edinburg charter amendment regarding indicted elected officials passes

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EDINBURG, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Residents voted in favor of a city charter amendment that allows the city council to vote to remove officials that face felony indictments.

Election results released Tuesday reveal the measure passed with 5,638 votes in favor of the amendment to 1,552 votes against the amendment.

Special Election Amendment Number 1 to the Edinburg city charter declares that any elected official can be removed from office if they are indicted for a felony while serving in an elected position.

The amendment only applies to felony indictments that occur after this act goes into place.

If an elected official is suspended from their position by a vote of the council due to an indictment, the suspension will only be lifted for the dismissal of the charge.

Incumbent mayor Richard Molina faces a felony indictment for illegal voting charges from his 2017 mayoral election victory. Molina turned himself in for the crime in 2019 and is currently awaiting his trial to progress.

The incumbent mayor will face Ramiro Garza, Jr. in a runoff election in December.

If Molina wins the runoff election and retains his position as mayor, this amendment will not apply to him because his charge occurred before the amendment took place.

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