Edinburg attempts to commemorate COVID-19 victims with photo altar, only receives one submission

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EDINBURG, Texas (ValleyCentral)- The city of Edinburg hosted its seventh annual Los Muertos Bailan Festival on Oct. 23.

A new addition to this year’s celebration was a commemorative photo altar dedicated to those who lost their lives to COVID-19 in the last year.

According to Hidalgo County’s coronavirus update page, 3,429 residents have died due to the pandemic.

Photo submissions were asked of Edinburg residents to celebrate those lives, but only one submission was received.

Miroslava Vela submitted a photo on behalf of her first nephew, Ezequiel Becerra who passed away on January 21, 2021 at 36 years old.

“It was very tough for the family to go through as I’m sure it has been for many families here in the Valley,” said Vela.

Becerra was a United States veteran, Donna teacher, a father of three, a biker with the ‘Bikers for Christ’ motorcycle club, and worked with prison ministries.

Vela told ValleyCentral she was surprised to see no one else had submitted a photo, but she was thankful he could be on display.

“In the short amount of years that he lived he did a lot with his life. He did a lot of good things for a lot of people and I felt he needed to be recognized,” said Vela.

Vela and her family will continue to mourn, but his legacy will live on forever through his children.

Vela wanted to thank Becerra for everything he had done during his lifetime and added that their family misses and loves him everyday.

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