Edinburg apartment tenants fed up with bad living conditions, lack of maintenance repairs

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EDINBURG, Texas (KVEO) – A tenant at an Edinburg apartment complex is sounding the alarm. He said the conditions of the complex are unacceptable and management refuses to address them in a timely manner. 

The apartment complex at 402 Gastel Circle in Edinburg has gone through several management changes in the past few years, according to residents. 

Currently the apartments are managed by Skyblue Management, who have four available apartment listings on their website.  

However, current tenant Rafael Ibanez cannot imagine who would want to move in and endure anything like what he is currently experiencing.  

“It’s getting very frustrating, and I haven’t even been here a year,” said Ibanez. In the past five days, he and his family have not been able to use their kitchen due to plumbing problems. He said there have been instances where both the sink and the toilet regurgitate sewage.  

Ibanez showed KVEO many issues during a visit to the apartment complex.  

From the infestations, mold, and general lack of repairs, Ibanez has become frustrated at the management’s handling of the situation, or lack thereof.  

“My AC was busted, I had to remedy that after two months of waiting,” he said.   

Ibanez works from home to support his family but said the issues have made it difficult for him to concentrate.  

He and other tenants KVEO spoke to during the visit said maintenance requests often take months to address or are flat-out ignored. 

“Oh yeah, it just doesn’t seem like they care,” said Michael Courtney, another resident who has experienced months-long waits for repairs.  

The issues are not contained to Ibanez’s apartment. The most concerning are exterior problems, such as the railing on the second floor which is barely holding on to the building.  

The lack of working floodlights has invited vandalism to the complex as well; graffiti is visible around the apartment.  

KVEO spoke to Skyblue employees who were at the apartment complex on Thursday. They declined to answer on record and took our phone number so that the owner could contact us. They added it is up to the tenants to keep their apartments clean and pay rent on time while they work on repairs.  

KVEO was able to get code enforcement to look into a septic tank that was not properly covered up, and while they were there, we asked them to look at the rest of the building and Ibanez’s apartment.  

Edinburg Code Enforcement Inspector Norberto Flores said there is a need for repairs to the exterior of the apartment and when asked if what he thought of Ibanez’s apartment unit, he said “there is no need for someone to live under these conditions.” 

Inspector Flores said he will present the findings to his supervisor and follow through to the extent of his authority.  

Since visiting the complex, Skyblue called Ibanez and offered to buy the AC units that he bought during the two months his central AC was out. They also offered him one week to break his lease if he pays for that week.

Ibanez declined, he said he wants his apartment repaired and the fees reimbursed.  

KVEO has not yet been contacted by the owners of the apartment complex.  

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