EDINBURG, Texas (ValleyCentral) – Last week, the Palm Valley Animal Society (PVAS) Trenton’s Center discovered the shelter has black mold. The facility will now be shut down temporarily for several weeks, so organizers are looking to find new temporary homes for all the dogs and cats. 

Director of Operations Faith Wright says she was notified of the black mold on May 19th and the next day she says the state department came down to identify the mold in the facility and now they are having to close for 2 weeks. 

“So we were notified last week that we have black mold in our adoption building which is this building.” Wright goes on to say “it is up in the ceiling and also on the walls and because it’s more than 25 linear feet we had to report it to the state and do immediate remediation.”

She says all of the animals in the facility which are around 180 need to be moved out by 7 pm Tuesday, May 24th. Wright says there is a process they have to go through before they can add a new roof and move back in.

“Wednesday morning a company is coming to start taking down the ceiling, getting rid of the mold, doing all the remediation that needs to be done, and then we will have an air quality test for the State of Texas to make sure that our air quality is good and safe,” said Wright. 

They hope to have the mold removed and fixed in two weeks. In the meantime, their staff and animals that are not adopted or fostered will be relocated to a second location. 

“We would move them to our other facility at the Laurie P. Andrews facility off of US 281. We have kennels there that are double-sided and have a guillotine in the middle, so we will drop the guillotine on those animals and have two on one side and two on the other. So it’ll be more overcrowded,” said Wright. 

Ideally, Wright would love for members of the community to adopt or foster the animals. She says so far all of their cats have been taken to a home and they have reached under 100 dogs that are left to be taken to a home before they have to be to a separate location. 

Although they hope to reopen in the next two weeks, Wright says they don’t know how long it will take the state to test the air quality.

If you would like to adopt or foster a dog from PVAS Trenton Center you can call at (956) 686-1141 or go there in person by 7 pm on May 24th and the following day you can go to Laurie P. Andrews Center or call ahead at (956) 720-4563.