This story was updated Wednesday Night

ELSA, Texas (ValleyCentral) – Edcouch-Elsa ISD will decide whether or not to renew superintendent, Dr. Greg Rodriguez’s, contract.

“The morale in the school district needs to be improved we get calls regularly from teachers and other employees that are scared, and obviously the morale is down,” said Fernando Torres, board trustee at Edcouch-Elsa ISD. “We ask that a climate survey be done prior to any discussion.”

Torres along with Fernando Ybarra, a board trustee, confirmed Rodriguez has been written up twice.

Additionally, Ybarra and Torres said the district recently received an F rating on their financial report under Rodriguez.

“Just recently we missed the audit deadline,” said Torres. “It impacts anything from your bond to monies that are out there and obviously and the state takes an F rating very seriously and that’s something that concerns me dramatically.”

Torres added a 5-year contract renewal was suggested, however, Torres said that is an unusually long contract and inappropriate.

“I think to try to rush an increase when, like you say, we are still going through some disciplinary issues I think I just don’t believe in rewarding negative behavior,” said Torres.

Torres said Rodriguez suggested a 7% salary increase for certain administrators and a 2% salary increase for the rest of the district staff.

On top of what Torres and Ybarra are calling poor prioritization, students’ test scores are also suffering according to the board members.

“Pre-COVID tests scores to today’s tests scores have not improved and that’s a big concern to Mr. Ybarra and myself,” said Torres.

Torres said this is not the first time Rodriguez’s contract has been placed on the agenda either. Torres and Ybarra filed a temporary restraining order (TRO) on Rodriguez’s extension, hoping the district will conduct a climate survey before offering an extension. A climate survey is a survey that allows all district staff to address what changes they would like to see in their work environments.

The TRO is scheduled to expire Wednesday, so the school board is holding a special meeting to vote on Rodriguez’s future with the district.

On Wednesday, the school board voted to take no action on the superintendent’s contract. It was discussed in executive session, leaving Rodriguez another 6 months before having his contract possibly reevaluated.