Edcouch-Elsa ISD adding masks as part of student dress code

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ELSA, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Edcouch-Elsa ISD Superintendent Dr. Greg Rodriguez said the school board approving masks added to the student dress code is an extension to the temporary restraining order that blocks Governor Abbott’s ban on mask mandates.

“We thought this was an opportune time to include a mask requirement in there and the board reserve the right to protect the safety of our students and our staff,” Dr. Rodriguez said.

According to the district, students who do not wear masks will be violating the dress code and could be sent home if they do not comply.

“Any dress code infraction we give the student the opportunity to rectify it at the school, so we could provide students with a mask, and they can comply and put the mask on, and then they would be in dress code,” Dr. Rodriguez said.

Edcouch-Elsa ISD is not the only district in Texas that is requiring masks as part of the student dress code. Paris ISD in North Texas and Texas City ISD also implemented masks to its student dress code.

A representative with the Texas Board of Education said other school districts can also make a change to the dress code that requires masks.

“Those uniform requirements are intended to improve a learning environment at a school,” said District 2 Representative Ruben Cortez. ” So clearly I think this would be an area where it would improve the learning environment in a school especially if you have other children who are fearful of somebody that doesn’t have the mask on.”

As for Edcouch – Elsa ISD, it hopes for a safe return to school for students.

“Nobody is 100 percent sure on an issue, but an overwhelming majority of the community is in support of requiring masks at our campuses especially now during this time when the delta variant is riding in our area,” Dr. Rodriguez said.

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