BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The eBridge Center in Brownsville is close to completion and when officially open, its mission is to support local businesses while bringing new businesses to the region.

“The eBridge Center is like a one-stop-shop for anyone whether its a startup or legacy business that’s looking to start up or start a franchise,” said Nathan Burkhart, Director of Business Development for the Brownsville Community Improvement Corporation.

Burkhart explained the downstairs portion of the building will serve as a resource center for any business looking for guidance. The upstairs will be office spaces for start-ups to use for their businesses.

Burkhart added the eBridge Center goes beyond borders after adding its soft landing incentive to its model.

“The soft landing is a specific designation for companies interested in the U.S. market to softly land into the Valley if you will,” said Burkhart.

Six companies from Mexico have already committed to expanding into the Rio Grande Valley, added Burkhart.

“Companies that we see, international companies that we’re seeing, range anywhere from tech companies, automation companies, a lot of oil and gas, and two energy companies,” said Burkhart.

The business initiative is a reality thanks to multiple donors including the Musk Foundation.

Burkhart said once the eBridge Center opens, it will be the largest entrepreneurial center of its kind south of San Antonio.

“You’ve seen this regionalism take part in the Valley, puro 956 if you will, but there’s a regional approach to education with UTRGV. There’s a regional approach to transportation with the creation of the RGV MPO and now with the eBridge Center. We have a regional approach with collaboration with our university to economic development,” said Burkhart.

Keeping the Rio Grande Valley’s greatest minds in the region is the ultimate business goal of the eBridge Center.

“Beyond that, we are preventing that brain leakage of our best and brightest leaving to more affluent communities to start their businesses, we provide the same resources those communities do now,” said Burkhart.

The completion of the center is planned for the fall of 2022.