Could voting early waste your vote?

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Making early voting count (Source: CBS 4 Photo)

February 07 2021 06:00 pm

Monday was the first day for people to cast their votes ahead of the March primary, but is it too early to vote?

Cameron County was able to register more than 200,000 people to vote and over 100,000 people can vote now.

On the Democratic ballot, there are more than a dozen names all hoping to become the presidential nominee.

“It’s common to have quite a number of people who want to run to be president,” said University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Professor Anthony Knopp.

All candidates ranging from Elizabeth Warren to Joe Biden are vying for the candidacy. Knopp believes the race is still anyone’s game. However, voting now on a presidential pick might not shift the needle in any direction.

“You never know what scandal might pop up or other disturbance in the race that you’ll want to know about,” he said.

There’s still a democratic presidential debate in Nevada and South Carolina, those stops can shift a campaign. There’s a chance if you vote early, your candidate might drop out before our primary, which in a sense wastes your vote.

“It’s a judgment call whether you wait to do it early or wait and see what happens,” said Knopp.

Early voting for the primary elections ends February 28.

To learn more about early voting and requirements, click here.

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