BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The Brownsville Police Department has arrested a man after receiving calls from a driver being chased and hit multiple times by another vehicle.

Mark Anthony Morua was arrested Friday by Brownsville PD for the offense of Aggravated Assault with a Motor Vehicle.

According to the Brownsville Police Department, a driver “called Brownsville Emergency Communications to advise that a black vehicle was hitting his vehicle as they were driving.”

The driver told officers at the 600 block of Price Road he noticed a black car speeding behind him and decided to slow down to check if the other vehicle would slow down as well.

Morua, driving the black car, passed the driver and stopped his car. Morua then proceeded to punch the driver’s side window.

Managing to drive away, the driver was then chased by Morua with his car.

During the chase, Morua used his vehicle to hit the driver’s vehicle several times until he fled the location.

Officers located Morua after investigating the license plate that was provided. When arriving at the location registered to the license plates, officers noticed a black vehicle with a driver matching the description the victim gave and they made contact.

Morua admitted to punching the window but did not use his vehicle to strike the other driver’s vehicle.

The passenger of the vehicle then advised the officer a different story of what Morua told them.

Morua was taken into custody and transported to the Brownsville City Jail, where authorities discovered that Morua had outstanding traffic warrants.

On Saturday, Morua was arraigned for Aggravated Assault with a Motor Vehicle with a $15,000 Bond and received a $1,770 fine for his Traffic Warrants.