The Texas Department of Public Safety is making it very clear that crossing into Mexico is extremely dangerous.  

Lt. Chris Olivares says tension between the Gulf Cartel is getting worse. 

He says the battle over territory within Mexico is placing American citizens who cross at risk of getting caught in the crossfire.

Olivarez says the turf war within the cartel is consistent due to human and drug smuggling routes being very lucrative in the country. 

The DPS trooper says the increase in violence is escalating with shootings taking place almost daily. 

“Regardless of the fact that many have crossed into Matamoros or even Reynosa without any incident, but you still have to be aware of the risks, there is potential risks there, regardless of the fact and regardless of these cartels are not actually intentionally targeting Americans,” Olivarez said.

“The fact of the matter is that these gun battles are taking place the violence that is taking place between rival cartels and also with the military that are trying to intercept these cartels.” 

Olivarez tells us the risk of danger is still extremely high and urges residents and visitors to abide by the travel alerts against visiting parts of Mexico. 

“Recent events that took place in Matamoros last week with the four Americans right now you have two cartels that are battling each other, especially in Matamoros over territory smuggling human smuggling drug smuggling routes, and because of that, you see increased violence using gun your gun battles in broad daylight in the middle of the city,” he adds.

Earlier this month four Americans from South Carolina were caught in the crossfire of a cartel shooting. Two of them were killed. A Mexican woman, who was a bystander, was also gunned down.