Dozens of More Immigrants Dropped Off at Homeless Shelter

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Women and children fleeing violence in Central American countries are resting at a local shelter for homeless and low-income families after they were released by Immigration and Customs Enforcement and dropped off by authorities. 

“You can see there is a crisis an influx of people that we really weren’t quite prepared for like this, but we’re doing the best and we appreciate everybody’s concern and support,” said David Stine, Clinical Advisor for the Good Neighbor Settlement House in downtown Brownsville. 

This comes a day after Border Patrol, without advanced notice, transported 60 migrant women and children to the shelter, and early today, they received a lot more. 

“We had three groups come one at 7 AM, one at 9 AM then one at noon and each group is being bussed over from the bus station and usually there’s 30 to 40 in each group,” Stine said. 

What’s going on here at the Good Neighbor Settlement House is very similar to what’s going on in McAllen at the Catholic Respite Center where dozens of immigrants are being dropped off. 

“We had some notice that there was going to be more coming last week, they gave some indication, but still we don’t know from day today how many,” he said. 

For now, all charity houses and volunteers can do is continue to ask for help.

“It’s a group effort that’s for sure and a community effort and the city I think is realizing how important it is now with the extra influx so maybe we can try to get things a little more coordinated in the next few days if it continues at this amount,” Stine said. 

Customs and Border Protection officials are releasing individuals at the southern border instead of transferring them to ICE with the instructions to appear at an asylum hearing.

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