Don’t Feed the Gator

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After receiving a photo from a viewer, showing a gator in a local resaca, News Center 23 went to find the gator ourselves.

Before the game warden and the professor who reported the gator arrived, Reporter Marlane Rodriguez spotted something large and scaly on the banks of the resaca.

“I’m like 12 feet away from the gator right now. It was on the grass a few minutes ago and because I made noise it went back into the Resaca.”

While it might be shocking to someone who sees it for the first time, it turns out the six foot long reptile has made the resaca his home for two years.

“So this alligator has found himself a suitable place to live there’s adequate food here for him in this Resaca.  So he shouldn’t have any problem so long as the people leave him alone you’ll be fine.”

Barker says the alligator can grow to be at least 15 feet long. He has one warning for curious gator lovers.

“It’s illegal to feed an alligator is the weather so if you do see one and have an actual interest in alligators you know some people and I want to watch it don’t Feed the alligator because that is what breaks down natural barrier animals had to be afraid of and stay away from humans.”

Every resaca has at least one gator, Barker says. “If they don’t currently have one in it, they’re gonna have one in it.”

Texas Parks and Wildlife says people do not need to worry about the gator.

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