HIDALGO COUNTY, Texas – New Years Eve is usually celebrated with fun festivities for the beginning of the year, but in a pandemic addiction counselors say to stay sober is extremely important.

Nicolas Torrez, owner of New Wine Counseling, has been sober for 14 years and has been telling his patients this new years eve stay focused and to not loose track.

Torrez said that for those facing addiction, it is important to have a plan in place ahead of the festivities.

“You can say hey I might not stay too long because I had plans so I’m going to get going,” said Torrez. 

 “Stay away from the party, away from the drinking, using, go hang out with someone that’s sober we all know someone that’s sober we just don’t hang out with them that much,” said Torrez. 

J.J. Rodriguez, counselor and owner of a Vision For You Help Center, will be 15 years sober in the new year, he says using technology to stay connected with patients.

“There are resources out there and thank God for you know more online resources. This has been a very helpful tool as far as technology is connected, zoom , facetime,” said Rodriguez. 

“Write down the factors that are valuable in your life, such as family, husband, wife, kids, loved ones,” said Rodriguez. 

“Don’t ever quit the battle is not over, there are more challenges to overcome there is hope, there’s a lot of hope and you can overcome this with the proper help,” said Rodriguez.