Donna police are not releasing many details but they are ruling the death of Alfredo Lugo as a New Year TMs Day suicide.

Investigators remained tight-lipped on the incident, but told Action 4 that the 911 call came in around 8:30 Wednesday morning.

Justice of the Peace Gilberto Saenz arrived at the scene just a couple hours later.

“There was a man laying on the couch and apparently according to the officer, they had found him hanging on the rafters inside the home.” Judge Saenz said Lugo’s wife found his body.

He said it appeared Lugo hung himself with an electrical cord earlier that morning inside the office of their home, with no suicide note insight.

Friends and family of Alfredo Lugo were seen outside his home on Hester Avenue in tears.

Lugo’s brother called the suicide a complete shock because he said the two had made plans for the new year.

This past November, Lugo had just been reelected for another term.

“I wouldn TMt expect him to commit suicide. I’m shocked.”

Jeremy Olivo said his mother is a friend of the Lugo family, and she broke the news to him that morning.

“That TMs the first thing I woke up to so it TMs kind of weird and scary that it happened down the street.”

The big question lingering on everyone’s mind is why Lugo decided to take his own life.

“They seemed like very good people.”

Saenz said because the death has been ruled a suicide no autopsy has been ordered.

He told us that in December and January, suicides tend to increase.