DONNA, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Donna residents gathered outside city hall on Tuesday demanding the city reinstate former Police Chief Gilbert Guerrero after he was terminated last week.

Guerrero is speaking out and tells ValleyCentral his firing all has to do with politics inside city hall.

“This is just something they came up with to get rid of me and that’s it,” Guerrero said. “I knew it was coming because City Councilman David Moreno was already making calls. If you are going to do a proper investigation wouldn’t you want to call me in and get my side of the story? To this day they have not called me.”

In a statement released on Monday, Interim City Manager Frank Perez said he terminated Guerrero after obtaining statements from witnesses saying the former Police Chief stopped a threat investigation against Donna ISD. The investigation soon led to the arrests of four students.

Guerrero argues he never made an order to officers not to pursue the investigation. Guerrero tells ValleyCentral he believes the real reason for his firing was caused by his conflict with the city hiring Assistant Police Chief Frank Limon. Guerrero claims now Police Chief Limon is unqualified.

“I did give one directive that night and that directive was to Sergeant Hooks and investigators to stop giving information to Frank Limon,” Guerrero said. “I suspected him of giving out information that night that was impeding the investigation.”

Donna residents have also started a petition that has already received hundreds of signatures. Many believe the former chief did his job.

“Obviously that he didn’t do anything about the terroristic school threat or what have you, that is a lie,” said Linda Munoz. “Because he has always been involved and as a matter of fact, I am a parent that has gone to his help.”

In the meantime, Guerrero plans to make his case to the city council.

“Those are the guys that need to hear what I have to say,” Guerrero said. “Whatever they vote I will take their word for it, if they vote not to reinstate me that’s fine I’m a man and I’ll take it.

ValleyCentral did reach out to Interim City Manager Frank Perez, but he declined our request for an interview. Guerrero also plans to take legal action.

Donna City Council will discuss whether to reinstate Guerrero at Thursday’s meeting starting at 5 p.m.