HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) – Donna City Manager, Frank Perez, has released a statement regarding the termination of ex-Chief of Police, Gilbert Guerrero.

[Source: City of Donna]

In a statement addressed to the citizens of Donna, Perez addressed allegations that ex-chief Guerrero was terminated without cause.

Perez explained that the termination had to do with how the ex-chief handled a possible threat following the Uvlade school shooting.

“Unfortunately, the ex-chief did not act upon those threats and in fact, ordered his officers to not pursue the anonymous caller’s tip(s). However, our concerned officers pursued the tip which led to the arrest of several individuals and the unraveling of a serious plot to bring harm to our students and staff with gun violence,” said the statement.

Perez added that the intercepted plot “had the potential to mirror or even eclipse the horrors of Uvalde.”

Perez thanked the officers and people who helped bring about the arrests and says they plan on placing new leadership in their police department.

ValleyCentral spoke to Guerrero, his statement can be found here.