DONNA, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Donna ISD is transitioning two elementary schools by separating grade groups and adding new programs.

Angela Dominguez, superintendent of schools for Donna ISD, said the M. Rivas School of the Arts will now be the M. Rivas Primary Discovery Academy and will provide new opportunities for its students.

“M. Rivas will be a pre-kindergarten three-year-old campus, up to second grade with a heavy emphasis on early child education, foundational literacy, and play. Our kids here are going to be exposed to the fine arts starting at three years old to STEM programs, robotics, and coding early on,” Dominguez said.

She said unique elective opportunities will be available for the neighboring J.W. Caceres Discovery Academy campus, which will teach third-grade through fifth-grade students.

“This is going to allow us to hone in on what’s right for early learners. We’re going to centralize our work around play, learning, early exposure to hands-on activities,” she said.

Dominguez said staff and parents are looking forward to the new campus.

Rubili Sanchez, a parent of three, said her three-year-old daughter will be attending the new M. Rivas Primary Discovery Academy.

“I’m really excited to have my three-year-old daughter come into this school, she’s excited as well, we’ve already had those conversations,” Sanchez said.

She said two of her children currently attend M. Rivas School of Arts, but her kids are excited about the transition to the discovery academy.

“The biggest attraction has been the integration of STEM. Not only is it going to be an art school, but she’s going to have firsthand experience in theater, music, art, science, engineering, technology, math, robotics. I mean, I couldn’t have dreamt about a better setting for her,” she said.

The transition of the campuses is scheduled to be complete and ready for the next school year.

Dominguez said enrollment is open to anyone in the Rio Grande Valley.

For more information visit Donna ISD.