Harlingen, Texas (KVEO)—Donna Independent School District will not explore options to replace the current mascot at Donna High School for the time being.

The district announced it’s thoughts in a press release Tuesday, following the D.C.-based NFL franchise’s decision to part ways with the “Washington Redskins” nickname.

Donna High is currently the last remaining school in the state to use the name, “redskins,” having founded the name shortly after the first high school was built in 1919. Other schools throughout the district boast Indian-related mascots as well.

No timeline has been set on when the name will be reevaluated.


“For nearly 100 years, the Donna ISD community has taken pride in our Donna Redskin tradition which we hold with tremendous honor. Generations of alumni have deep abiding respect for the tradition and the community it represents.” said official with the school district. While we are cognizant of the controversy that exists around using Native Americans as a mascot, the Donna ISD community had reached out to a local tribe in past years for its valued opinion and support in the positive portrayal of Native Americans. If there comes a time when we need to revisit the name, we will seek input from our community. However, because of the COVID-19  situation, we are focusing on developing a plan for a safe and successful 2020-2021 school year.”