Donna ISD now equipped with Narcan kits

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DONNA, Texas – The Donna ISD Police is now the first district in the Rio Grande Valley to carry Narcan kits which are used to treat narcotic overdoses in emergency situations.

Oscar Lopez, Valley Aids Council, “If you walk in and you find your child unconscious you’ll be able to make an attempt to resuscitate them. If that doesn’t work you’ll be able to use this to bring them back to life.”

Nearly 1,500 opioid deaths were reported in texas in 2017 with Fentanyl being the drug most frequently involved in these deaths. That is according to the National Vital Statistics System Report.

Chief Daniel Walden, Donna ISD Police, “With Fentanyl being brought over from Mexico and crossed over to the United States somebody can either be intentionally or accidentally exposed to it because Fentanyl is being mixed with other drugs such as cocaine or heroine to increase the strings or even into pills that look like other pills.”

The Valley Aids Council surveyed 32 school districts in the Valley. They say they found opioid cases in many of them. Something the Donna ISD Police Chief says the district has yet to experience.

“Every school district has their issues when it comes to drugs brought in schools. As for opioid overdoses we haven’t experienced that but we want to be where we’re proactive to it because again it’s becoming a nationwide crisis that were prepared to handle that and prevent that. To say that we’re having an opioid epidemic within our schools is no.” says Chief Walden.

Donna ISD Police is now trained on how to carry and administer Narcan kits. VAC trainer Oscar Lopez says these kits can be purchased at any local pharmacy without a prescription.

“You place it in the nostril. You press down and the mist goes in and starts to deactivate the affects of the opioid. It should be able to resuscitate just about anyone depending on how long they’ve been unconscious, that becomes and issue.”

The district received 100 Narcan kits and although school officials say they hope to not need them, the district received additional funding for more kits.

If a loved one is dealing with drug addiction and you would like to obtain a free Narcan kit you may visit the Valley Aids Council office in Harlingen at 2306 Camelot Plaza.

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