ROMA, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Officers with the Roma Police Department received a donation of several portable radios.

When it comes to communication, radios play a crucial to the Roma Police Department.

Current devices are outdated and will soon turn obsolete so when a repair is needed, a radio can’t be fixed.

To combat the problem, Starr County Sheriff Rene Fuentes donated 7 portable radios to help.

“Communication is very important in our line of business safety for our officers, be more efficient for the community so it’s a big thing,” Chief Iv Garza with the Roma Police Department said.

Roma PD can been seen as a smaller department compared to some other departments in the Valley so finding the budget for new radios can be a challenge.

Officers with the Roma Police Department say these radios are essential to their department and will help with effective communication across their different divisions.

“You communicate with dispatch, you communicate with other officers, and the more communication you have, the more efficient you will be at your job in this case the protection of our citizens, calls for service and what not,” Garza said.

Officers say this will help with communication in patrols, response times and protecting the community.

“Certain situations that I have experienced here I have to use my radio sometimes when I have an old radio it doesn’t work, so that’s why it’s very important to have new radios,” officer with Roma PD Monique Rosa said.

Officer Rosa works closely with patrols and school security and says there are times when she has to communicate to her colleagues, but sometimes be tough.

These donated radios will help make a difference.

“So it’s very important for us to have efficient working radios because we don’t want to be using a radio that doesn’t work and it’s going to be hard for us to communicate and communication is very important especially in patrol rather we’re in a struggle in some type of trouble we always have to communicate through radio,” Rosa said.