Doctors urge people to practice social distancing

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Doctors urge residents to continue to practice social distancing (CBS 4)

February 07 2021 06:00 pm

As the number of cases for COVID-19 continues to rise, President Trump has extended the federal social distancing guidelines until April 30.

Parks and playgrounds throughout the country are closed, because they can become a hot spot to spread the virus. 

Health officials say the virus isn’t going away anytime soon but keeping our distance will help decrease the spread.

If this rate continues, federal health officials predict thousands of deaths and millions could be infected with COVID-19. 

To get the pandemic under control, President Trump and local and state health officials urge people to continue to distance themselves at least six feet.

“Droplets can only go so far but it requires us to be at a distance,” said Dr. Bruce Leibert.

Dr. Leibert works at Valley Baptist and suspects that if people follow the social distancing order, the infection rate will slowly decline.

“We look at patterns around the world, and different places where there’s distance, there is not exponential spread,” he said.

It’s hard to stop the habit of high fiving, handshaking and hugging. 

Whether it’s a loved one or a stranger on the street, space is the best tool to fight the virus.

“If we get through April. With God’s grace, we got a chance of beating this thing,” he said.

Doctors say there hasn’t been an exponential growth of confirmed cases throughout the Valley when compared to other places. 

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