HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) —National Doctor’s Day is celebrated on March 30 and is designed to thank doctors for their efforts in keeping the community healthy.

The pandemic has shown how important doctors are to keep life normal.

Two years into the COVID pandemic, hospitals were pushed to the brink of caring for wave after wave of COVID patients.

“By far and large we recognize that our physicians are truly the heroes in our community carrying us through this very difficult time,” said Jennifer Bartnesky-Smith, chief strategy officer for Valley Baptist Medical system.

Working in the medical field can be stressful under the best of circumstances. 

Even with the pandemic making things difficult, doctors at Valley Baptist said they love being able to help their community.

“The nice thing about being a doctor is you’re kind of always in the position where you’re serving people and you’re feeling like you’re helping them,” said Dr. John Austin, a physician advisor and ENT doctor.

“One of the most fulfilling things is when I hear from patients that something I’ve said or done has helped them or touched them,” said Dr. Beverly Zavaleta, a family and hospital doctor.

Helping the community isn’t the only reason these individuals went into the medical field.

Zavaleta said it also allows her to keep learning new things every day.

“Being able to be a scientist and solve those puzzles and sort of scratch that itch for discovery and curiosity,” she said.

Austin said doctors are a great resource for helping others learn as well.

“In the community, just be available to provide information, even if it’s someone who’s not directly your patient,” he said.

Members of the community can help celebrate their doctors and their efforts by making their jobs easier by keeping an eye on your health.

“Stay up on your preventative care, visit with your PCP, do everything you can to keep yourself healthy and well and don’t forget to do your annual wellness checks,” Bartnesky-Smith said.